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The town of Lipany is located in the northern part of Sabinov district, in Prešov region, about 30 km away from the city of Prešov. The town has 6,400 inhabitants and is a cultural and administrative centre of Upper Torysa region which covers 25 municipalities with total population of about 25,000. The border with Poland is about 15 km from Lipany. Present mayor Ing. Vladimír Jánošík has been in the office since November 2014. The first mention of Lipany dates back to 1312 when it is mentioned as a settlement called Sedem líp (Seven lime trees). Lipany had a very good location on an old trade route connecting Hungary and Poland.

Gothic Rome-Catholic Church of St. Martin of Tours from the early 14th century dominates the town. The oldest and most precious sight within is a woodcarving of Pieta from the late 14th century. The church boasts its late gothic main altar by the school of Master Paul of Levoča. St. Martin’s Square is home to a protected lime tree, the last of the ancient lime trees growing in the town after which the town was named. In 2011 the tree won first place in Slovak national contest for the tree of the year.

There are 3 kindergartens, two elementary schools, a secondary grammar school, a vocational school and a school of art in Lipany.

As for business at present you can find here companies dealing with textiles, machinery, production of decoration objects and pharmaceuticals and others. The town also has an industrial park with area of 5.8 hectares and it currently houses 6 companies.

The surroundings of the town as well as the wholeŠariš region offers beautiful natural sceneries with clean air, forests and mountains providing opportunities for relax, hiking, cycling, skiing and fishing. At the moment the town is working on using the source ofgeothermal water found in 3,390m deep drill with temperature 90° Celsius. Modern direct train connection between Lipany and Košice, reconstruction of the stations, facades and buildings in town have contributed to a more positive and attractive image of the town and its surroundings. As for promotion, the town runs a modern and mobile web page, publishes own monthly calledAktuality lipianskej radnice and uses Facebook and Youtube for presentation.

All the year round the town enjoys a handful of cultural and social events and competitions not only for the town citizens but also for the visitors. There are many concerts, balls and other events organised in Lipany. One of the traditional events is Lipany Music Spring with concerts for the public. In summer the main square stage is the venue for musical performances of groups and ensembles. At the end of the summer a three-day event The Days of Lipany Town take place. The town art gallery houses artistic expositions of domestic and international artists.

Lipany is known for its sport activities, too. Football club ŠK Odeva Lipany has been running for more than 90 years now, it has played 3rd league for a long time and in the season of 2015/2016 qualified for 2nd Slovak league. Other active sport bodies include Slovak Hikers Club Mladosť Odeva Lipany, female volleyball teams, floorball teams, chess club, speed badminton team and ballroom dance club which are enjoyed by sport lovers and fans.

The town has a football stadium with athletic track, a sports hall with artificial grass, a multi-purpose sports playground with artificial grass next to elementary schoolZŠ Komenského 113, a town outdoor swimming pool, a multi-purpose sports playground with artificial grass next to elementary schoolZŠ Hviezdoslavova 1, a skate park and multiple children’s playgrounds. Close to the town there are various tourist and agro tourism attractions, educational trails, lakes and folklore festivals. The town of Lipany is an inspirational place to spend time in and come back again.

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